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Mag cut out sales..Updates

  • Dec. 27th, 2008 at 12:50 AM
27 December 2008
Dear all,
Updated Jan09 & Feb09 posters and glossy card. Had also updated clippings for Duet 12/08, 09/08 and Myojo 10/08. All current postings will end bid on 31/12/08 (WED) at 8pm sharp. Especially for posters, cds & glossy card. Feel free to take a look and leave a comment if you are interested.

Pls take a look
Pre-Order: Magazine Order Service 2 - January 2009

Magazine Order Service 2 - Arena 37C Special, Cawaii!, Fool's Mate, Popteen, Seventeen, Duet, Potato, Wink Up (Jan 2009 issue)

~Arena 37C Special~

Product Type: Arena 37C Special - Jan 2009 issue
Price: $22.00


Product Type: Cawaii! - Jan 2009 issue
Price: $14.50

~Fool's Mate~

Product Type: Fool's Mate - Jan 2009 issue
Price: $19.00


Product Type: Popteen - Jan 2009 issue
Price: $11.00


Product Type: Seventeen - Jan 2009 issue
Price: $12.00


Product Type: Duet - Jan 2009 issue
Price: $13.50


Product Type: Potato - Jan 2009 issue
Price: $13.50

~Wink Up~

Product Type: Wink Up - Jan 2009 issue
Price: $14.00

* Prices reflected here might not be final, as IDOL HAVEN will still source for the cheapest magazine prices available, therefore cheaper prices might be quoted to you upon order confirmation*

*There will be a service fee of $3 or less charged per magazine, depending on amount ordered*


1) All prices are stated in SGD (Singapore Dollars).

2) All magazines are subject to availability from supplier. In the event of unavailability (out-of-stock), a full refund will be given.

3) This pre-order event is open mainly to Singaporean buyers.

4) IDOL HAVEN welcomes overseas buyers too.

5) There will be 2 payments to be made: 1st payment - Purchase price of magazine; 2nd payment - Postage price to your residence

6) All 1st payments to be finalized within 3 days upon confirmation of order.

7) All 2nd payments to be finalized within 3 days upon arrival of magazines and notification email.

8) Postage price to your residence will be advised in the notification email.

9) Please allow a grace period of 3 days for orders to be finalized.

10) Please do not participate in this pre-order event if you do not wish to wait for your purchase.



1) Email your interest to idol_haven@ymail.com

2) Please state the product type in your pre-order email.

3) Purchase invoice email will then be sent to you.

4) 1st Payment and reply email to be made by you, within 3 days.

5) Receipt email will be sent out and you to await arrival of orders.

6) Upon arrival of orders, notification email will be sent out.

7) 2nd Payment and reply email to be made by you, within 3 days.

8) Confirmation email will be sent and magazines mailed or delivered out.

9) Transaction is final! <3


1) Postage by standard mail - depends on weight of items

2) Postage by registered mail - additional $2.30 on top of standard mail price

3) Meet-ups for collection: Simei, Tampines, Orchard or convenient locations can be arranged.

4) IDOL HAVEN is not responsible for missing parcel if standard mail is chosen, as parcel cannot be traced due to unavailibilty of a tracking number.

5) Thanks for your kind understanding! ^_^



1) 1st Payment to be made within 3 days, upon receipt of purchase invoice email.

2) 2nd Payment to be made within 3 days, upon receipt of notification email.

3) Payment - Funds transfer via ATM or I-BANKING; PAYPAL.

4) PayPal admin charges (3.4% + SGD0.50) to be borne by buyer


Update: Urgent Leave of Absence

  • Dec. 14th, 2008 at 12:43 AM
Hi all~

IDOL HAVEN will be away for the next few days, due to urgent family matters.

Will reply all emails and comments after matters are settled.

Thanks for everyone's kind understanding and patience.



Update: Magazine Order Service

  • Dec. 12th, 2008 at 3:29 PM

Update: Magazine Order Service

Hi all~

IDOL HAVEN has decided to extend its services to include magazine orders, for various JE and idol magazines.

This service is extended to those who find difficulty in purchasing their favourite weekly or monthly magazines, either due to location or time difficulties.

IDOL HAVEN will purchase the magazines for you, so that you do not need to worry about the loss of your favourite magazines.

Delivery of magazines could be either through a meet-up (for Singaporeans) or shipping to your residences.

Of course, there will be a minimal service fee, but IDOL HAVEN will keep it as low as possible, even in such times of economic crisis.

No worries! You can still enjoy your favourite magazines through a service such as ours! =)

Cheers ^^



Pre-Order: Johnnys Entertainment 2009-2010 School Calendars

Various JE 2009-2010 school calendars...


Go to school with the JE boys!Collapse )

Pre-Order: KAT-TUN - "White X'Mas" Shop Photos

Have a White X'Mas with KAT-TUN!

KAT-TUN's White X'Mas!Collapse )


Pre-Order: Korean 2009 Calendars

  • Nov. 29th, 2008 at 10:51 PM
Pre-Order: Korean 2009 Calendars

Various 2009 calendars, ranging from Dong Bang Shin Ki, SHINee and Big Bang...

Korean 2009 Calendars!Collapse )

Pre-Order: KAT-TUN - "Live Tour 2008 Queen of Pirates" DVD 

The Pirates Guys of 2008!

Pirates Ahoy...!Collapse )

Sale: KAT-TUN - "Queen of Pirates" Concert Goods

Queen of Pirates!Collapse )

Sale: Arashi - "Dream A-Live" Concert Goods

  • Nov. 25th, 2008 at 9:11 AM
Sale: Arashi - "Dream A-Live" Concert Goods

Dream A-Live!Collapse )



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