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Pre-Order: KAT-TUN - "Rescue" CD Single

  • Jan. 25th, 2009 at 5:38 PM
Pre-Order: KAT-TUN - "Rescue" CD Single 

Limited pre-order slots for the Limited Edition (with DVD) and First Press singles.

Orders are based on first-come-first-serve.

So please make your orders asap, before the limited slots are taken up.

KAT-TUN - "Rescue"~
Single release from KAT-TUN featuring the theme to TV series "RESCUE - Tokubetsu Kodo Kyujotai" starring Yuichi Nakamaru.

~"Rescue" (Limited Edition with DVD)~
Limited edition includes two tracks "RESCUE," untitled song A, and bonus DVD with music video & making-of footage of the track "RESCUE.." Features alternate jacket artwork. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

Product Code: KT-Rs01
Product Type: KAT-TUN - "Rescue" CD single (Limited w/ DVD)
Price: $33.00

~"Rescue" (First Press Regular Edition)~
Includes three tracks "RESCUE," untitled song A, and untitled song B. Features alternate jacket artwork.

Product Code: KT-Rs02
Product Type: KAT-TUN - "Rescue" CD single (First Press RE)
Price: $23.00

~"One Drop" (Regular Edition)~
Includes four tracks "RESCUE," untitled song A, and karaoke version of the two tracks. Features alternate jacket artwork.

Product Code: KT-Rs03
Product Type: KAT-TUN - "Rescue" CD single (Regular)
Price: $23.00


1) All prices are stated in SGD (Singapore Dollars).

2) Prices are not finalized and are subject to change due to yen exchange rates.

3) All CD singles are subject to availability from supplier. In the event of unavailability (out-of-stock), a full refund will be given.

4) This pre-order event is open mainly to Singaporean buyers.

5) IDOL HAVEN welcomes overseas buyers too.

6) This pre-order event will close by 8 March or when all pre-order slots are taken up (Singapore time).

7) There will be 2 payments to be made: 1st payment - Purchase price of CD single                                                                                                             2nd payment - Postage price to your residence

8) All 1st payments to be finalized within 3 days upon closure of this pre-order event.

9) Arrival of CD singles will be during the period of the 4th week of March.

10) All 2nd payments to be finalized within 3 days upon arrival of CD singles and notification email.

11) Postage price to your residence will be advised in the notification email.

12) Please allow a grace period of 3 days for orders to be finalized.

13) Please do not participate in this pre-order event if you do not wish to wait for your purchase.



1) Email your interest to idol_haven@ymail.com

2) Please state the product code in your pre-order email.

3) Purchase invoice email will then be sent to you.

4) 1st Payment and reply email to be made by you, within 3 days.

5) Receipt email will be sent out and you to await arrival of orders.

6) Upon arrival of orders, notification email will be sent out.

7) 2nd Payment and reply email to be made by you, within 3 days.

8) Confirmation email will be sent and CD singles mailed or delivered out.

9) Transaction is final! <3


1) Postage by standard mail - depends on weight of items

2) Postage by registered mail - additional $2.30 on top of standard mail price

3) Meet-ups for collection: Tampines, Simei or Orchard, according to IDOL HAVEN's convenience, or else the default method is mail postage.

4) IDOL HAVEN is not responsible for missing parcel if standard mail is chosen, as parcel cannot be traced due to unavailibilty of a tracking number.

5) Thanks for your kind understanding! ^_^



1) 1st Payment to be made within 3 days, upon receipt of purchase invoice email.

2) 2nd Payment to be made within 3 days, upon receipt of notification email.

3) Payment - Funds transfer via ATM or I-BANKING or PAYPAL.

Non-payment by deadline will result in cancellation of order!